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2020 in June

Issue Two...Shootings and Rioting, 2020.

Hello...I have noticed that people are losing control of themselves and their facilities. I would hope in the future that things will change, can change, and will not change. People are subtle and precise but not to discourage people from making their mark in life. I do not want to be a nay sayer. I do not want to establish a connection with you to make you fear or disrespect a particular group or setting. I just know that people will get involved with what they deem necessary when they deem it to be so necessary. Although, sometimes things get out of control and get awkward for you, your family, your friends, and people in your community, there is no reason to put yourself in danger to prove your point. So... With that stated and typed out, I would like your optional opinion. You do not need to state it in public or private. You can be an anonymous to me and to anyone who may frequent the site. One thing I would discourage is rioting. Rioting is not a nice way to produce long lasting friendships and it is not a "nice" way to promote your true feelings. Now, although it is an exercise, it is an exercise in the wrong direction. It is illegal and can cause you or your closest peoples harm. I once thought people were above the law. You know this idea is part of you too, "I do not have to listen to what some stranger is telling me to do just because I am me at this location." When the officers in your life ask you to hold up your arms, then hold up your arms. We all have rights and think of specific people as important in life. Your life is more important than some fad or some fabricated lie, a falsehood, and/or a learning of gathered angst. At least, from my perspective, my life is more important than what I think I need to fight to become. I have learned some lessons and seen some "stuff." But with the utmost care, I consider my life. I would not lie down to die either but sometimes in peculiar situations, an atrocity happens. I hate to think of me or your life being less than suitable to another person in life but like they always say, "Be aware of your surroundings and do not allow yourself to fall." I will tell you something. I fell once. Now, it did not cost me my life. So, I do not know what it is like for me to be dead but I got up. I did not retaliate on another person. I did not look for the next person to hold me up next time. I also did not look to blame or categorize specific workers as a particular thing in life to suit my needs so I did not fall again. Anyway, nice to know you. Reply, read, laugh, live, and/or do all or none of the above.

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