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Me too!

Seth on ideas during 5/26/22

Hello...currently is when I am trying to fashion things in the electrical world to my liking.

I am building on Linux based SoC and SiP designs, handling software from time to time, and learning (learning, learning).

I figured I would make a post since I erased my last one. So, here it is!

Outside of trying to manage my time and healthy attitude, I am trying to perform functions in the GSoC realm of organizations.

People have been nice enough to allow me to pitch in for GSoC this year. I am super excited and cannot wait to see what the world brings.

And...I want to relay messages to anyone out there thinking that learning is past tense. It is not. It is a current affair. Basically, it is an ongoing effort.

Trying to keep up with Life!

Me too!

Seth on ideas during 6/2/22

Hello...I think I was dropped from GSoC this year as a Mentor. I am not completely sure yet.

So, without further ado here, I still am thankful for the help and patience the beagleboard.org persons have currently with their etiquette.

Not only have they put up with me in time, they have also helped when I could not figure things out.

So, whether they know it or not, I am thankful. Geaux Cajuns! Oh and Geaux GSoC!

I still have a lot to learn and things keep getting more complicated. Being out of the loop is not easy says no one ever! Enjoy life and learn as much as you can whenever you can find time.

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Seth on ideas during 6/5/22

So far, I have learned that Linux based systems need particular instances to work in tandem.

For instance, some libraries rely on other libraries to work, i.e. especially when building around embedded systems.

I have this contraption. Anyway, this contraption uses SPI to read/write to the am335x for visually seeing a FLIR camera on a LCD.

With the spidev device/peripheral on the BBB (beaglebone black) and the application that ports itself to the LCD from the FLIR and spidev, one needs Qt5 libs.

Anyway, with everything in conjunction to make things "work," I need to adjust every so often many things.

These many things have to do with the Qt5 library, udev rules located in /etc/udev/rules.d/ on a Linux Debian Distro, and b/c things change in time (libs. and OS changes), one would need to be updated on particulars.

I would not be discussing this idea so much but I am trying to make it all work under Debian Bullseye when Debian Buster was the Distro I was using at firt to make it work.

Under Buster, it was as simple as two libs. Since then, the Qt5 companies has changed a bit and are not completely Open Source.

Now, under Bullseye with updated kernels for Linux, one needs many libs. to handle such a spidev instance on the BBB. Also, outside of the many libs. that have branched, I needed to adjust my qmake and make applications for the FLIR library I was using, i.e. called LeptonModule.

It is a C++ lib. that can be found here: https://github.com/groupgets/LeptonModule/tree/master/software/beagleboneblack_video.

The lib. is an older library from years back but it is still relevant for producing FLIR heat maps onto LCD screens from a BBB via the FLIR Camera and FLIR Module associated with the spidev (SPI) peripheral.

It is a neat production first learned by a fellow on digikey.com's TechForums. I found it and had to try it out. It works!

That lib. and the entire tutorial can be found here: https://forum.digikey.com/t/flir-lepton-on-beaglebone-black-and-green/13247 .

So in any instance here, building is not always straight forward from Distro to Distro while libs. change and Linux evolves.

One thing I have noticed are these couple of facts.

1. Things change and evovle into new, useful ways.
2. Building is not straight forward and needs TLC.
3. And...when finding out that these two rules will persist, one deduces one of two things.
One: Change is necessary.
Two: It is necessary to change for growth to happen.

More Ideas, The Merrier!

The beagleboard.org persons do it again!

Seth on ideas during 6/14/22

The people at the beagleboard.org organization have put out a 64-bit embedded computer. Yes!

I am not in the mix on this one or any other board they have produced. I am just an avid user looking to learn more.

If you are looking to find out more about this board, please view this site online: AI-64

I have been waiting to try out some demos on their 64-bit board for years. Now, I can finally try it out. They produced a board with 64-bit architecture.

Outside of them producing another board, this AI-64, the movement in the embedded world moves fast!

Trying to keep up and produce while I do not communicate well with other people is not easy.

I guess I am a bit shy or as they call it...communicative lacking with distance in mind.

To any gesture here, I will keep trying to produce and learn as I go along the remarkable ways to invent.

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